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When setting up Cloudflare, you have two options of how to add your domains.

Full DNS setup
Full DNS setup requires an update of the existing DNS provider to Cloudflare's DNS, where Cloudflare becomes your authoritative DNS. This means you will need to update your name servers to the name servers provided by Cloudflare once the domain is added to Cloudflare.  

Partial (CNAME) setup
A CNAME setup doesn't need any change of your DNS provider. It simply requires pointing any subdomain to Cloudflare by means of a CNAME record. In order to add www.domain.com to CloudFlare

Partial DNS setup is the fastest method and requires zero configuration to complete, however it does limit the overall integration of Cloudflare with your domain for speeding up content delivery and for utilizing all of Cloudflare's security features, etc. Full DNS setup does require you to manually add subdomains to your DNS records with Cloudflare as you set them up, it isn't hard, just an extra step and is easily done via your control panel with Cloudflare. 

Both of these options can be easily configured through our cPanel and availed for free as addons through our billing portal.

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