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When creating private nameservers, you will need to register a minimum of two.

To register private nameservers with, login to your customer account and then follow this guide.

1. Click 'Host Records' and enter the name of your first name server in the 'Name of the Server' field

Note: These are usually ns1 or dns1

2. Enter the IP address associated with your name server in the 'IP Address' field.

3. Click 'Save all Changes' to create the name server.

4. To register your second nameserver, repeat the above steps, substituting ns2 as the 'Name of the Server' and when entering your IP address increase the last number by one.

(eg. if your primary IP address is then the IP address for ns2 will be

5. Click 'Save all Changes' to create the second name server.

Note: When creating private nameservers it may take up to 72 hours for these to propogate throughout the internet.

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